Smart*DER is one of three AESC developed intelligent agent based technologies that gives commercial and industrial energy users the ability to deal with the ever changing electric marketplace. The emerging Smart Grid with its dynamic electric tariffs, demand response (DR) programs and newly forming electric markets for ancillary services provide both opportunities and challenges to an already busy energy manager. Dealing with these changing markets can require daily or even hourly decision-making that can overtax an already busy facility and engineering staff. Smart*DER technology can assume this routine decision-making role, freeing up your personnel to continue their important daily activities.

Smart*DER is intelligent agent-based software that was developed by AESC in cooperation with the California Energy Commission. Smart*DER employs intelligent software agents that automatically:
  • Operate autonomously with little or no daily input,
  • Continuously monitor and predict site load,
  • Utilize the Internet to gather weather forecast and electric rate information, and
  • Schedule operation of local distributed energy resources such as distributed generation or curtailable loads to maximize the benefit associated with these DER assets.
The Smart*DER user interface allows the site owner operator to configure the system with basic operating constraints and the Smart*DER agents do the rest!